In my paintings I explore texture and contrast by constantly mixing disparate paints and materials. I work on dense, wood panels, and I am continously exploring new ways of applying and using materials in order to find new ways to create my works.

current work

Notice of baggage inspection    In order of appearance    Those people have their own problems


Notice of baggage inspection (detail)      Notice of baggage inspection, 24" x 16 1/2", Mixed media (plaster, latex paint, tempra powder, PBR, polyurethane) on wood, 8-2009

In order of appearance      In order of appearance, 14 1/2" x 15 1/2", Mixed media (chalk, crayon, latex paint) on wood, 12-2008

Those people have their own problems (detail)      Those people have their own problems, 24" x 18 1/4", Mixed media (latex paint, enamel paint, polyurethane) on wood, 2-2008



          2009 - Maryville University Saint Louis, Alumni Art Show


          2003 - Maryville University Saint Louis, Alumni Art Show
          2000 - Hoover's Winter Arts and Crafts Show, Austin, TX
          1999 - Springdale Art Show, Austin, TX


        I have been painting on and off since the early 90s with shows in Saint Louis, New York City and Austin. Growing up I always had a strong art interest, but in college I was able to explore methods of drawing, painting, metal sculpture, stone carving and design during classes to find what worked for me. I've always been inspired by works by artists such as Gehard Richter, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Max Beckman, Ellsworth Kelly and Richard Serra. Saint Louis Artists and instructors such as Nancy Rice, Steve Teczar, John Baltrushunas, Sandra Marchewa and the fabluous Art Grunman have all directly influenced my approach as well. Thanks


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